Crossed Arrows, LLC

Natural Alpaca Fiber Production

We formed Crossed Arrows, LLC in December 2011 after attending “Immerse yourself in Alpacas” at the Double O Good Alpacas.  Our passion was firmly established at this point and we began our planning and preparation into the alpaca industry for our journey into our golden years.  

Our mission is to turn our passion into reality; taking our fiber animals from American Pastures to American End Products.   

Our goal is to have Crossed Arrows alpacas produce fiber of the highest standards; striving for uniform micron consistency throughout a dense blanket  with the lowest micron count for end-product development.   We strive to educate the general public on the TOTAL ALPACA EXPERIENCE!

Our business philosophy is to follow the Golden Rule by being fair and honest while  providing exceptional products and services.
Crossed Arrows, LLC offers Alpaca sales, breedings, boarding as well custom sorting utilizing the Certified Sorting process.  Our ranch will provide customers full service shopping both on-site and on-line.