Certified Sorted® System

Our driving focus is to give support to all natural fiber producers through education and teaching standardized practices in all aspects of the fiber harvest.  Saving the family farm through increased productivity and maximizing profit on fiber is a direct by-product of sorting.  This is the  first step in Quality Control for the cottage commercial industries.   Sorting creates a more uniform raw fiber. This increases the longevity, wearability, and overall yield of  the final project.  ​ The Certified Sorted System® not only sorts fiber, it provides the owner with a wealth of information to improve many areas of the farm operation.  ​  Once sorted, your fiber is ready to go into production. Nothing else needs to occur.  It is in the best form possible. A Certified Sorter has the knowledge to offer suggestions for processing avenues to meet your needs and goals.

Crossed Arrows, LLC 

Certified Sorting System Apprentice

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