​Peaches' girl cria!  Isn't she a beauty?

She was born Oct 22, 2014.  She is a Snowmass Matrix daughter as well.

We call her Hanta and are so excited to have her!

Everyone trying to get in on the action!

We had a girl cria! born on June 14, 2015.   She is beautiful! She is our beloved Hanta (our first newborn) first cria! Many thanks to Sarah of Long Acres for taking great care of Hanta after breeding. The new cria will be named Joshette for our good friend, Josh Grein. Josh has written "Petunia Bobbin and the Baby Robin", a childrens book series that features Crossed Arrows' Hanta! Wonderful story that features our sweet girl! 

Our Crias

After an 11.5 month gestation period, Alpacas give birth to their babies, which we call Crias. Alpacas give birth while standing, with emergence usually taking less than 30 minutes. Alpaca Crias usually weigh between 14 and 18 pounds.

Crias begin bonding with their dams immediately after birth. Both begin to learn each other's smell and sound, as Crias and dams will often be seen vocalizing to one another, as both let out a sweet and quiet hum back and forth.

Alpacas begin to stand within the first hour after birth. Shortly after that, Crias can be found walking and even running shortly after that. Between the age of three months and one year of age, Alpacas grow very quickly. Typically cries are weaned sometime shortly after the six to eight month period.

Our latest cries are featured here!